Robert Craven

Managing Partner I

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Robert works with Google Partners as their go-to expert on growing digital agencies and e-comm businesses.
Known for his no-nonsense approach to business growth, Robert works with agencies and e-comm businesses from Bucharest to Split, from London to Dublin, from Warsaw to Kiev, from Slovenia to Singapore to New York.
He is author of ‘Grow Your Digital Agency’ and the ‘Strategy Workbook’ as well as ‘Bright Marketing’ and ‘Customer is King’ (with a Foreword by Sir Richard Branson).
Robert is an advisor/NED to some of the top independent digital businesses in Europe.
Robert helped develop Google’s own premier partner agency training programs for CEOs and continues to be project director in the EMEA region.
He is author of ‘Grow Your Digital Agency’ and the ‘Agency Strategy Workbook’.
Robert now leads the team at the with Janusz Stabik and they personally run Mastermind programs for agency CEOs as well as providing bespoke consulting programs.
He lives in Bath in the UK with his wife, two dogs and 10 guitars. His three kids have escaped to live their own lives.

Pranešimas: "Can We... Make The Boat Go Faster? Really?"

Violet Hall

What’s next for ecomm businesses?
Looking at the business of running and growing an ecomm business… we ask,
How good is your Ecomm business?
What do the High-Performers do differently from the rest?
What should you do, right now, to make the boat go faster?
In this fast-moving presentation, Robert will share his experience of what the high -performers do differently so that you can go away and take action in your own agency or ecommerce business.

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