Kristina Ancutiene

Doctor of Technological sciences I KTU

About speaker:

Associate professor at KTU, Doctor of Technology, with more than 15 years of university experience and 4 years of practical experience as a clothing designer in a company. She teaches study modules on digital fashion technologies, computer-aided design and virtual fitting of clothing and 3D visualisation. Scientific and expert experience in researching and evaluating the comfort and quality of clothing products using 3D virtual fitting technologies. Active interest in digital fashion, VR, AR, XR, AI, NFT, Web3 and Metaverse.

Topic: "Digital fashion: 3D virtual models in e-commerce and the Metaverse"

Violet Hall

Presentation in Lithuanian. Use the Interactio app for instant online translation.

Digitalised fashion, 3D models and virtual fitting can help solve a number of problems in the clothing industry. Virtualisation processes reduce the waste of materials used in the production of primary samples. Digital products can be used to study consumer opinion and to create a range of products that are in demand. Digital technologies allow personalisation of fashion products and shorten the path from concept to final product. The use of 3D models in e-commerce significantly improves conversion rates and reduces returns by up to 40%. Digital fashion is also being developed for video game avatars, virtual influencers, augmented reality (AR) and Metaverse. Virtual fashion technologies are forecast to grow in popularity worldwide. According to Morgan Stanley, Metaverse fashion will generate revenues of USD 50 billion by 2030. For digital fashion designers and brands, there are vast opportunities in 3D e-commerce and Metaverse. How will you take advantage of them in tomorrow’s virtual world?

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