Daniel Ropers

Chairman of the Board I PHH Group

Daniel_Ropers Pigu.lt

About speaker:

As a young McKinsey consultant, Daniel Ropers wrote the business plan for the company he then helped create, bol.com.
Under his CEO leadership of 17,5 years, bol.com developed from a small start-up into the by far largest online retailer of the Benelux, with revenues close to 2Bn Euro and growth rates of around 30% by the time he left the company in 2017.
Daniel joined Springer Nature, the leading global research publishing group, as its CEO and helped restore its market leading growth and financial performance based on a new long term strategy.
Daniel left Springer Nature end of 2019 and is now acting as a senior advisor, investor, and board member. He is serving numerous clients in the private equity, digital consulting, and corporate space, with focus on digital transformation, digital growth strategies, and their organisational implementation.
Since 2021 Daniel acts as Chairman of the Board of PHH Group. PHH Group is the largest e-commerce company in the Baltics. It was formed after the merger of Pigu.lt with Finnish retail group Hobby Hall. PHH Group operates e-shops and marketplace in Lithuania (Pigu.lt), Latvia (220.lv), Estonia (Kaup24.ee and Hansapost.ee) and Finland (HobbyHall.fi).

Topic: "The fundamental forces in (online) Retail, or: How Shopping can remain a Baltic affair"

Violet hall

With Covid now (hopefully) behind us, things in retail revert to normal, it seems. But for the trained eye, it is clear that the historic way of retail value creation for customers, suppliers, and the retailers themselves is under increasing pressure. For large incumbent retailers, migrating to online comes at a hefty price. And for smaller online players, with increasing  customer expectations come economics that pose an existential threat. What are the fundamental drivers of this, is there a future for Baltic (online) retail, or is the dominance of international players just a matter of time?

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