Rūta Švobienė

Head of Indirect Tax I 1StopVAT

Apie pranešėją:

Rūta is an experienced professional and Head of Indirect Tax at 1stopVAT. Her expertise lies in consulting and guiding businesses with their daily and complex tax-related matters, regardless of their location in Europe, the US, Canada, or Asia. Rūta’s specialization primarily centers on remote trading and digital commerce, with a specific emphasis on digital services and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Pranešimas: "E-commerce taxation in practice: how to ensure sustainable business growth?"

E-commerce businesses seem very attractive at first sight, with their promise of unlimited income opportunities, global reach, and the freedom to operate from anywhere. However, as your business grows and expands to global markets, so do the obligations and in compliance risk. The attractiveness quickly fades when taxation enters the picture, bringing with it all not-so-sexy stuff, like tax registrations, periodic returns preparation, compliance assurance, and endless communication with tax institutions worldwide.

As someone who deals with taxes daily and understands their complexity internationally, I want to share important aspects of e-commerce taxation with you.

During my presentation at Ecomexpo’23, I’ll tell you what’s essential to consider when entering the USA market and how to enter the European market successfully. Additionally, I’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of running your business through marketplaces and will address the importance of compliance not only for your successful business but as well for economics and our all well-being.

Tax compliance is a complicated and not-so-sexy topic. Therefore, my goal is to change this thinking and to give you a very basic understanding of how the tax system works and what impact compliance has on all of us.

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